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Hi, my name is Kara Acosta. I am a biology major, nutrition aficionado, writing editor, health and beauty novice, photography amateur, music appreciator, and adventure seeker.

Ever since I was young, I have always been passionate about skin care. Today, I still hold the belief that looking your best makes you feel like being your best! And that starts by nurturing your body from the inside out.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you; feel free to contact me anytime via my contact page.

Keep your face always towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. – Walt Whitman ☀️


Adventure Day 1

Today I’m writing as a college student in search of a job. That being said, I’m looking for ways to have fun but in a free to low-cost way lol. Let’s take a look at a few ways I like to have fun on a budget in my nearest city of San Antonio, TX!